Commissions for both private and commercial photography now available.

Leon is looking to specialise in automotive photography and videography. Using his skill set from working behind the camera for the past 6 years and interest of anything with a motor and wheels he's now creating visually stunning images like these for you.

These images are an example of 'light painting'. Light painting is a technique that leaves you with clean, pin sharp and visually stunning pictures. The background and any imperfections have been airbrushed out so the whole focus of the images is on the vehicle.

This eyes catching imagery is fantastic for online digital promotions and social media marketing. Take that step up from iPhone pictures and have some images created that can truly represent the services you provide or finally get that image to hang across the back of the garage showing off your wheels in all its glory.

Working across North Wales and Cheshire, call now and have a chat with Leon about what he can do for you or your business.






Full Body


All light painted images go through advanced digital processing

BEFORE: A composite of 5 layered images with the best section of light painted image merged together.

AFTER: The composite merged and then developed in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to take out any imperfections.