Drone imagery offers a fantastic perspective from the sky.

Providing professional aerial photography and videography for commercial or creative projects. Leon is fully certified by Civil Aviation Authority with an Operational Authorisation. All flights are risk assessed and fully insured for the safest possible flight.

We can carry out aerial inspections without the cost or hassle of hiring in a team to construct scaffolding. With high quality imagery delivering 4K footage or 20 megapixel stills.


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One of our recent drone videos 
produced for Read Construction.

Pink Earth

We're currently in the process of updating our drone reel with some fantastic new footage. This one is from just before we rebranded from Prism Creative to Bowen Photo Film. Check in again soon to see the new reel.

360 Imagery

Jump in and have a look around.  This an extremely immersive and interactive experience for you and your audiences. With the ability to add elements to pictures and footage you can create a world of information for your viewers. You also don't need to have VR specific software on your website to enable viewers to see your 360° VR experience, youtube now recognises 360° formats so everyone can watch it on youtube with the interactive elements.


Professional drone photographer providing high quality, sharp and engaging images from every shoot.


With the high quality camera on a drone ladders are a thing of the past. We can capture hi-resolution pictures or 4K footage to carry out inspections on buildings and structures. Places that were previously difficult to access can now be viewed safely from the ground with the use of a drone.


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