Goetre Holiday Cottages

Welcome to our sample page of imagery produced for Goetre Holiday Cottages near Llanidloes in Mid Wales.

Owner of the cottages Bez wanted some updated images of The Tram, a restored & refurbished Wallasey Tram from the 1900's. She also needed some aerial images of the whole site including labels to indicate each building and space to help her clients have a better understanding of the site. We were also able to get some shots of the beautiful scenery surrounding the cottages.

You can also find as you scroll down an example of 360° interactive images of The Tram, The Granary (main living space) and areas you can visit close to the cottages. 360° interactive images are great for promoting on facebook and your website. They help your audience have a complete understanding of the layout in your property and confidence to book without the need to message and ask questions. 

If you're interested in having some updated images, drone images or 360° interactive tours for your properties, don't hesitate to contact Leon for more information.

We can also provide short promotional films, social media and website support.


DSLR Images

Drone Images

The Tram

360° Tour of The Tram at Goetre Holiday Cottages in Mid Wales. Look out for the red arrows to move into the next area.

The Granary

360° view of the main living space inside The Granary at Goetre Holiday Cottages in Mid Wales.

Surrounding area

360° drone views of near by areas.

Find and click on the red arrows in the skyline to move to the next location.